Saturday 6 December 2014


At the "Report Women" Project of WSCIJ held in Abuja on November 17, 2014, Ene Ede (Gender Advisor, Search for Common Ground - SFCG) and I (Dr. Dayo Oluyemi-Kusa) presented two papers: *Understanding the fundamentals of women/girls & the gender question. *Relevant laws on girls & women's rights.The aim of the project was to increase the level of reportage of women's issues in the media in Nigeria. It was a training program for reporters from media houses across the country.

The first paper discussed the following issues:
-What do women want?
-Best strategy to collectively address the deprivation and disempowerment of women.
-Towards equality through equitable actions & activities, for example affirmative action.
-Steps for further integration of women & girls into the society
-Chapter 2, section 22 of the 1999 Constitution has empowered the media to hold stakeholder' accountable to women & girls for the gaps in the process of integration.
-The code of ethics of the journalism profession is an additional tool holding relevant stakeholders accountable to women & girls.

As regards the relevant laws on girls & women the fact that CEDAW is yet to be domesticated in Nigeria was a sore point at the workshop. The participants were challenged by the presenters to ask questions at every turn about CEDAW and other laws yet to be "activated" for the promotion of women's rights...

27th August, 2016

*Can war reporting be a feminist project?

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