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In the past five years, northern Nigeria has witnessed a heavy dose of conflict due to the activities of armed bandits (AB) and Boko Haram (BH) insurgents. The statistics as regards the casualties depends on who you are talking to (Salkida 2014, Aljazeera, 2014).

Many analysts associate the phenomenon of rural banditry (RB), and indeed BH insurgency with the failure of the state to provide security and basic services for the populace. The principle of the triangle of criminality (Women's Defense Institute, 2010) posits that for a crime like RB to occur, there should be:

*A motivated offender, in this case the rural bandit attracted by cattle, goats and sheep. The cattle, in particular, have high economic value and are easily disposable. Sometimes, the abduction of women, girls and boys could be part of the mix.
*An available and suitable target. Suitable targets are the unprotected citizens in rural Nigeria.
*No authority figure to prevent the attack from taking place because many rural areas remain ungoverned.

The foregoing triangle exhibits the vulnerability of the rural populace to attacks by armed bandits and insurgents who constantly wreak havoc in their domain. My current research has identified and compiled a list of needy women in Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps who need micro-credit to overcome contemporary economic challenges of day-to-day existence, while other aspects of CT like the military option continue. I am ready to use my resources to fund the pilot phase of the project, after which local & international agencies would be approached to fund subsequent stages of the project.

Ethnicity and social differences have been deployed as tools to divide and generate conflict among various groups that have hitherto lived together harmoniously. AB and BH insurgency may well be a political economy problem as a result of the absence of equitable access to resources, and a deliberate agenda to exclude others from social formations.

Banditry and BH activities lead to disruption of life as we know it. The desire to avoid strife and its attendant consequences leads to displacement, loss of life and property. AB and BH activity also lead to the existence of constant fear of attack, which takes away human dignity and ability to organize, seek and receive livelihood.

When social services are rolled back, women bear the brunt, as they carry additional burden, irrespective of the fact that their child-bearing and nurturing roles are tasking enough. When the state fails to provide essential services, women are forced to stand in the gap. Such unconventional roles for women are even more problematic in situations of conflict, strife or unrest as could be occasioned by AB, BH and retaliatory action.

Through this effort, my team and I stand in the gap with the women of northern Nigeria, while identifying Borno and Adamawa states for the pilot project. The areas we are concentrating on for the award of the micro-credit grants are petty trading, handwork, cottage industry, etc.

The compiled list of potential beneficiaries of such micro-credit would form the core of the expansion of the project to other parts of northern Nigeria. This effort is expected to assuage the level of deprivation experienced by the women and their families in the interim.

18th July, 2016

*Donate & let's feed IDPs, restore their dignity
*The clash between the Nigerian Army & the Islamic movement in Nigeria by Jibrin Ibrahim
*Trade of terror: Blood money
*Islam vs the rest: The 3rd World War
*About 250,000 severely malnourished children in Borno IDP camps may die soon
*UN aid convoy ambushed in Northern Nigeria by suspected militant Islamists
*BH in Nigeria: IS names Abu Musab al-Barnawi named new leader
*Who's running BH?
*US hosts northern Nigeria governors in Washington
*Nigeria: JTF discovers Benue militants' armoury
*Many Borno schools unsafe years after Chibok abductions
*Nigeria must not transform the Shiites into enemies
*BH has displaced north-east Nigeria educationally
*The BH crisis & the narratives of resistance in northern Nigeria: The case of Sokoto state
*60% of BH insurgents are foreigners, says Bratai
*Is BH invoking Kanem Bornu legacy?
*Nigeria: American University of Nigeria (AUN), Yola, uses social media to fight religious extremism
*N.E. Nigeria: Small African region with more refugees than all of Europe
*Nigeria must tackle poverty, underdevelopment to deter BH
*Help IDP Borno
*'Camp zero', the last stronghold of Sambisa has fallen
*Hope amidst the horror in northern Nigeria
*1,000 days after kidnap, 195 girls still with BH
*Nigeria: How Army prevents dozens of BH suicide attacks
*Nigeria: CITAD releases staggering figures of hate speeches
*Artificial intelligence & the future of warfare

4th August, 2016

*Abubakar Shekau reappears again after ISIS named his successor
*BH ambush UN, NGOs' convoy in Nigeria, 2 soldiers & 3 civilians injured
*ISIS & the care bears
*Pope says Catholicism can be just as violent as Islam
*BH's new leader promises not to target Muslims
*IS: Obama says group is weakening, but still a threat
*A group therapy session in CAR helps heal children suffering from PTSD
*The northern Governors' symposium in the USA
*'We don't do child soldiering in fighting BH, FG tells USA
*Addressing the crisis in the north-east
*Photographer captures what life in Borno, north-east Nigeria is really like
*A renewed commitment to lift northern Nigeria out of poverty
*Does the Islamic State threaten al-Shabaab's hegemony?
*Gallantry Fall: September - November 2016
*151 killed by terrorists in Zamfara state as Nigeria Police focus on killing Shia Muslims
*Chibok still under BH siege
*3,213 pregnancies recorded in Bakassi IDP camp, Maiduguri in 6 months!
*How we will reclaim north-eastern Nigeria by Tijani Musah
*In Nigeria, a catastrophic hunger crisis looms in BH's wake
*Sambisa forest to serve as training ground for Nigerian Army
*Presidential committee adopts 'Buhari plan' on north-east crisis
*Borno state Governor Shettima asks 'non-performing' NGOs' to leave; says only 8 of 126 NGOs are helping IDPs - 118 others only smiling to banks
*FG seeks $400m World Bank loan to rebuild north-east
*Nigeria: DSS arrests BH members in Lagos, Taraba, Nasarawa & Kogi

5th August, 2016

*ISS: Dead or alive - The seven lives of BH's leader
*Insecurity: Soldiers deployed in 30 of Nigeria's 36 states - Report
*It's not true, it's not correct to say Islam is terrorism - Pope
*Deadlier than BH, Niger Delta Avengers are devastating Nigeria
*Our next action is to kill Christians in Nigeria, no bombing of mosques - New BH leader
*BH splits over leadership
*Nigeria: Tackling malnutrition in Borno state
*Clerics seek protection of worship centres in north-east Nigeria
*ICG: Women's experiences of BH conflict
*Nigeria: House of Representatives passes bipartisan legislation to combat BH
*Misery of the Nigerian refugees & IDPs
*Combining basic mobile technology & traditional media, JARI empowers north-east Nigeria to share their own story their way
*Buhari's plan to rebuild NE Nigeria - Short, medium & long term
*Study of community-level conflict management mechanisms in the Niger Delta, Middle Belt & North-East zones, Nigeria
*Known unknowns & the fight against Violent Extremism (VE)
*Nigeria Army arrests 40 foreigners after Sambisa forest fall
*Sambisa: Captured Frenchman repairs APCs
*Erikosonian analysis of terrorism in West Africa: Security & forensic
*Nigeria's first confirmed drone strike against BH (video)
*Lt. Col. Abu Ali's death: Why BH's killing more Nigerian soldiers     

10th August, 2016

*'Why we started killing people' by BH
*Why Pope Francis won't link Islam to terrorism
*Ibtihaj Mohammed: The first Olympian to compete in hijab from the USA
*No coincidences in terrorism attacks
*Who calls the shots in BH?
*The 10,000 kidnapped boys of BH
*BH has forced thousands of boys & girls in Nigeria to become child jihadists
*BH: Behind the rise of Nigeria's armed group
*Foiled terror attack on the USA: Obama writes PMB, hails DSS
*Freed Chibok girls return home for Xmas
*After losing Sambisa, BH fighters surrender to Niger Republic authorities
*While radicalised youths make the news, young activists against violent extremism (VE) rarely get the limelight
*Shekau appears in video, says when he'll stop fighting
*Nigeria's Army says 3,000 people who fled BH return to hometown
*Man purporting to be BH leader denies Sambisa forest defeat
*BH: Group urges Nigerians to be vigilant to prevent terrorists from regrouping
*Chibok, Sambisa & the struggle for liberation
*What does it mean to be at war with 'Radical Islam'?: On the attraction & dangers of a vague term
*BH insurgency: Nearly 1.8m Nigerians have been forced to flee their homes - These are their stories
*Forced out of towns in the Sahel, Africa's Jihadists go rural
*Nigeria: WHO begins vaccination of 4.7m children in north-east
*Empower IDPs: Emotional video by IDPs
*Nigeria cited as most dangerous place for Christians in the world by US Congress

17th August, 2016

*Security sector reform in democratic Nigeria
*Severe food crisis continues to kill hundreds in Nigeria's north-east
*BH leadership struggle heralds a new style of violence
*IDPs in Maiduguri, where malnutrition rates are going through the roof
*Borno government trains 1,000 IDPs on self-defense against rape
*Why are the burqa & burkini so controversial?
*The negotiator, Aisha Wakil, BH calls 'mummy' is Igbo
*BH: Nigeria's Army's 3 wanted friends
*BH oppression in Nigeria in pictures
*Assessing MNJTF's fight against BH
*Repentant BH members urge colleagues to lay down arms
*Beyond BH: Fundamentalism in Nigeria
*With 10 major security operations across Nigeria, Military stretched too thin
*Countering the BH group in Nigeria: The relevance of Hybrid Doctrine
*How we dismantled BH leadership - DSS
*Examining the security situation in Nigeria
*2017: Can we turn the tables on adversity?
*Foreign fighters among BH
*2016 in retrospect: The insurgency
*How BH forced many Nigerian mothers, children into prostitution
*NEMA's efforts in managing humanitarian crisis in north-east Nigeria
*Global index rates BH deadliest terrorist group

21st August, 2016

*Economic downturn, Islamist attacks cause hunger to spread in Nigeria says UN
*BH divided
*BH: Over 23,000 killed, 2 million displaced
*Insecurity: Soldiers deployed in 30 of Nigeria's 36 states
*BH & Niger Delta Avengers: Nigeria's terrorists
*300 BH terrorists killed as Nigerian Air Force (NAF) intensifies aerial bombings
*BH: ECOWAS wants international community to empower Multinational JTF (MNJTF)
*How to stop ISIS expansion in Africa
*Countering Violent Extremism (CVE): Internal security should be the priority of any CVE initiative
*Can the JTF against BH stay the course?
*If we don't tame religion, it'll kill Nigeria - Soyinka
*Why Hillary Clinton's state department didn't list BH as terrorist group (video) 

29th August, 2016

*Nigerian billionaire, Dangote, visits Maiduguri, meets ex-wives of BH fighters
*Improving nutritional status of malnourished children: The role of teamwork
*Paul David aka Bono (Co-founder of ONE Campaign) & Dangote visit Nigeria's IDP camp
*Nigeria targets officials accused of stealing food from BH victims
*IDPs in north-east Nigeria cannot farm due to landmines
*Nigeria may regret swap deal with BH - Prof. Albert
*Governing our humanitarian crisis
*DSS arrests BH IED specialist, others in Kano

17th September, 2016

*UNDP Nigeria projects to focus on de-radicalisation, conflict transformation & migration
*Two million Nigerians trapped in BH-controlled areas - UN
*Understanding BH recruitment
*4 Chibok girls among newly matriculated students at AUN
*BH kills 8 church worshipers near Chibok
*BH: 13 churches affected, 15,000 schools...
*Bullets & bombing wont prevent violent extremism. Here's what will.
*Militancy & the era of instability

22nd September, 2016

*Sex boom in Borno as displaced women, children take to prostitution for survival
*Minister Al-Hassan slumps in Adamawa IDP camps
*Use evidence, not fear, to counter terror
*#Nigeria #BokoHaram   The in-patient therapeutic feeding centre in Maiduguri
*Will changes in BH leadership revive local support?
*BH rages in Nigeria, but the world's eyes elsewhere
*BH war displaces i million children, destroys 910 schools - UN
*Indigenes donate 5,000 men to secure Bama town

28th September, 2016

*More unregistered BH IDPs in Yola South LGA. They say 'We're never going back to Maiduguri
*Nigeria lost $5.9b to BH insurgency
*Defiance on the dance floor: Clubbing in the birthplace of BH    https://www.theguardiancom/world/2016/sep/27/clubbing-birthplace-boko-haram...
*Why world leaders must act on the crisis in north-east Nigeria
*Borno to rebuild churches destroyed by BH
*YS invests $50m in Niger drone base for counter-terrorism
*Soldier assists wailing women in labour to give birth at village near BH zone
*Proscribing the Islamic Movement in Nigeria: A plea for second thoughts

14th October, 2016

*Anti-Shiite violence spreads to Kano, Sokoto, Katsina- 8 killed
*A staggering hunger crisis is unfolding in Nigeria, & the world is barely aware
*Attacks on Shiites: No to opening another conflict front
*Death & war across northern states as Takfiris attack Shia Muslims
*How to counter extremist views: Try agreeing with them
*Senate passes North-East Development Commission Bill (NEDC)
*Nigeria approves N4b to fight malnutrition in the north-east/...

7th November, 2016

*Lt. Col. Abu Ali was preparing for Samsiba operation when he was killed    https://www.thecableng/exclusive-lt-col-abu-ali-was-preparing-for-sambisa-operation
*Nigeria Police train local hunters in intelligence gathering
*Nigerian Army officially declares 46 soldiers missing
*600,000 IDPs in Monguno, north-east Nigeria alone
*Nigerians living in communities liberated by BH suffering terribly



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