Saturday 14 November 2015


On the 12th of November, 2015, Women's International League for Peace & Freedom (WILPF), commemorated the Women Peace & Security Agenda in Abuja, while celebrating the 100th anniversary of the organisation. The President of the Nigeria chapter of WILPF and Vice President of WILPF International, Joy Onyesoh, coordinated the event.

Dr. Catia Confortini, International Vice President, WILPF came from the USA. She spoke about 'Women's power to stop war'. Catia made allusion to the woman's innate ability to multi-task and be the rallying point in the family. These qualities, if fully harnessed, according to her, could translate to facilitating peace in nation-states and the world at large.

Philomena Zamani, National Coordinator, WILPF Nigeria, welcomed the guests with a peep into some of the activities of WILPF Nigeria. Goodwill messages were delivered by the following:

*Adjaratou Fatou Ndiaye, UN Women Deputy Country Representative, Nigeria
*Priscilla Ankut, Deputy Programme Manager, NSRP
*Mimido Achakpa, President, IANSA Women, Nigeria

Bridget Osakwe, National Network Coordinator, WANEP, Nigeria gave a rendition of the collaboration between WANEP and WILPF Nigeria. Her focus was on conflict prevention and the positive role of women. She emphasised the fact that prevention is better than cure.

Joy Onyesoh, President, WILPF Nigeria, went down memory lane, touching on the challenges in the early days of WILPF in the country. A DVD on the activities of WILPF in Nigeria was presented to the public. The theme was 'WILPF in Nigeria: The journey so far'.

It was indeed an exciting afternoon with these amazons forging ahead with conflict prevention, management and resolution (CPMR) in Nigeria and indeed the world!

5th April, 2016

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6th April, 2016

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