Monday 26 November 2018


The attack by insurgents on the 157 Task Force Battalion of the Nigerian Army in Metele village, Borno state, killing over 100 soldiers with many still missing warranted this Blog Post. This is in-spite of the fact that the Presidency has repeatedly said that 'Boko Haram (BH) has been technically defeated'! The attack took place on Monday, 19th November, 2018. As an opener, I state categorically that I salute the courage and resilience of the soldiers and other security personnel who work day and night to keep we, the citizens safe. I also condole with the families of the fallen heroes.

There are conflicting figures from the Nigerian Army which says only 23 casualties were recorded with 31 wounded. Whatever the correct figures, the takeaway is that many Nigerian soldiers have lost their lives while fighting insurgency! This appears to be one loss too many in recent times. I wish to remind us that there a number of planks on which any counter-terrorism strategy is based viz.,

*Military engagement
*Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Soft Approach (New narratives/Disarmament/Demobilisation/Re-integration etc)

There has been a lot of emphasis on the military engagement of insurgents in recent times to the detriment of Soft Approach to CVE, which entails the following:

*Presentation of counter narratives: Battle for the minds of the insurgents and indeed the local populace affected by insurgency to abandon the extant narrative and embrace a less radical one.
*Provision of more 'safe corridors' for repentant insurgents to undergo effective rehabilitation. A note of caution is necessary here. To avoid a situation where 'repentant' former BH members released into the society come back to re-group, a period of time should be allowed between 'graduating' from the safe corridor and actually re-integrating them into the society, to ensure that the community accepts them and that they are truly purged of indoctrination.
*Re-integration of the rehabilitated insurgents while ensuring less resistance to them by the locals.

Besides, the diplomatic flank seems to be failing, with Niger and Chad  pulling out of the Multi-National Joint Task Force (MNJTF)! To be sure, many of the recent attacks have taken place at border towns and villages. It appears the breakdown of the alliance between Nigeria and her neighbours - Niger and Chad is taking its toll! It is heartwarming that the four-nation pact for security among West African states, including Nigeria was signed last week. This new pact should not be allowed to break down like its predecessor.

What then are my suggestions?

1) The military engagement of the insurgents should continue, but intelligence gathering should be given a pride of place. The accusation of the rank and file that they are given obsolete equipment to fight insurgents who are better equipped needs to be interrogated, thoroughly investigated and redressed.

2) The welfare of the soldiers and other security personnel engaged in the complicated, difficult and protracted asymmetric war with the insurgents should be taken more seriously.

3) Disarmament, Demobilisation, Rehabilitation & Re-integration (DDRR) of repentant insurgents should be given priority while using clerics to appeal to the psyche of the locals to aid the re-integration of ex-militants.

4) The diplomatic angle is of utmost importance. As a matter of urgency, there should be shuttle diplomacy between Nigeria and Chad/Niger/Other neighbouring countries in order to re-kindle the initial enthusiasm that made for the success of the MNJTF ab initio. Nigeria cannot fight insurgency alone, she needs the collaboration of her neighbours.

5) The Lake Chad Basin Governors' Forum (LCBGF) could be approached for help. Nigeria is a member of the Forum. The inaugural conference of the LCBGF was held in Maiduguri, Borno state, May 2018. I was there live as a facilitator. See my Blog Post on the conference - Lake Chad Basin Governors' Forum  #LCBGF

6) Policy makers should be aware of the fact that there are fifth columnists and conflict merchants within and beyond our shores who profit by the war on terror and would like it to continue. Nigeria should do the needful to identify these negative elements.

On the whole, all hands must be on deck to make Nigeria safe and secure - military, CVE, diplomatic measures, etc. Remember: This is the only country we can call ours...

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