Saturday 3 August 2019


The perception of time in Nigeria has not changed since I wrote a chapter titled 'The Perception of time in Nigeria' in the 1998 publication edited by Souleymane Bahir Diagne & Heinz Kimmerle titled: 'Time & development in the thought of Sub-Saharan Africans'. The publication was the result of a two-day conference held in Dakar when I was Head, Department of Political Science, Lagos State University (LASU). See

African scholars from more than twenty countries converged in Dakar to x-ray the concept of time in their various countries. Nigerians continue to attend serious conferences, symposia, parties, workshops, etc very very late. This is what I wrote about Nigerians and their lack of respect for time in 1998. The situation remains the same.

'The average Nigerian believes that time should understand him/her and not that he/she should understand time. That is why he/she always comes late for every occasion/event because he/she does not want to be the first to arrive. Someone or many people must come before him/her. Since each person wants the other person to come before him/her, then nobody is there early and almost every event begins late.' - Dr. Dayo Oluyemi-Kusa (1998)

Nigerians seem to have a cyclical perception of time. This lack of respect for time remains a national embarrassment! Many believe the more behind schedule you are when you arrive at any event is a measure of how 'important' you are. Some even want every other person seated so that their so called 'show-stopper attire' is easily noticed - those labelled 'slay queens & kings' come to mind. They then pose for the cameras. But we are ridiculing ourselves before the rest of the world! How wrong can individuals be when assessing their 'level of importance' vis-a-vis how late they attend events. In my opinion, those who come late to events ridicule themselves...

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