Friday 27 December 2019


Merry Xmas! But more could be achieved for the benefit of mankind if we, Chartered Mediators & Conciliators leverage on the relatively positive mood of individuals and indeed groups to transform as many conflicts as possible! Xmas and New Year constitute a continuum for many, where and when the children are taken out to visit friends and family. I believe such occasions, beyond merriment should enable trained Mediators settle lingering family and other disputes between individuals. The 'toxic auntie' is so perceived because other members of the family have failed over the years to be empathic towards her and at least for once see things from her own point of view.

 Photo above: Dr. Dayo Oluyemi-Kusa @ the State House Conference Centre, Aso Rock Presidential  Villa, Abuja on the 19th of December 2019 for the annual Christmas Praise Concert hosted by Nigeria's Vice President (Prof. Yemi Osibajo) & wife.

  Photo above: Dr. Dayo Oluyemi-Kusa & a friend @ the 2019 Aso Rock Presidential Villa annual Xmas Praise Concert

"Xmas is literally the Mass of Christ, the day on which Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. The Western date for Jesus Christ's birth is quite arbitrary. It was chosen by Pope Leo I, Bishop of Rome (440-461), to coincide with the Festival of the Saturnalia, when Romans worshiped Saturn, the sun god. The date of the feast varies with Christian denominations. Western Christians celebrate the Nativity on a fixed date, 25th December. Some Eastern Orthodox Christians celebrate it on 6th January together with Epiphany, the revelation of the infant Jesus to the three wise men. The Greek and Russian Orthodox Churches celebrate Xmas on 7th January and Epiphany on 19th January"


Jesus Christ is the reason for the season. Jesus Christ is the embodiment of love, sacrifice, forthrightness, humility, empathy, etc. Xmas should be a period of spiritual retreat for us all, and not just a time for revelry. We should reflect on the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. My charge to fellow Chartered Mediators & Conciliators is that they should capitalise on the Xmas mood, when even non-Christians join in the celebration to do what they know how to do best - transforming/resolving conflicts for mankind's harmonious existence on earth! Once again: Season's Greetings! 

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