Sunday, 17 November 2013



New research from the University of British Columbia's Business School suggests men and women perceive conflict between two women co-workers as being more harmful, and doing more irreparable damage than conflicts between men.

What is your experience?

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17 January, 2019

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Kop'ep Dabugat said...

I would like to see it more from the angle of the effects of office conflicts between women than from the nature of that kind of conflict itself. As my grandfather will always say, "women form the essence of society"... That is why office conflict between women is usually a major shocker for fellow team members... because those women are bridges of communication for all... In short, I have seen how such conflicts have led to clear splits in teams at the office... Yes I agree with the idea that office conflicts between women are usally more devastating

Dayo Oluyemi-Kusa said...

@ Kopep. Women seem to exhibit emotions more openly than men. That is why when there's a conflict involving women in the office, the intensity of same could put every other thing in abeyance, including work, which is the primary reason everyone is there in the first place.

When the source of the general lack of productivity is traced the woman-woman conflict, management is interested in the matter. This could then lead to further investigation, sanctions, and/or mediation. I know of situations where the Human Resources Dept handles mediation also.

In some cases, the issues are resolved by sending the "warring parties" to mediation, while in other cases, the underlying causes of the conflict remain, but there is enough semblance of peace for meaningful work to continue in the office...