Sunday 1 December 2013


I introduce my co-edited book, A GUIDE TO PEACE EDUCATION & PEACE PROMOTION STRATEGIES IN AFRICA, VOL 1: THE NIGERIAN APPROACH. This is a 217 page book with 11 chapters. The first edition of the book was published in 2003 under the auspices of the African Refugees Foundation (AREF): (ISBN 978-32964-7-7).

The following are the issues x-rayed in the text:

1) Historical Perspectives of Peace in Africa. Some of the issues discussed are: The Place of Peace in Pre-Colonial African Societies, Indigenous Models and Strategies of Peace-Making & Third-Party Intervention.

2) War-Making, Peace-Making and Conflict Resolution in Africa comprises War and Peace Issues in Pre-Colonial Africa, Causes of Conflict and War, Conflict Prevention and Management, War-Making and Peace-Making & Conflict Prevention.

3) Conflict & Refugee-Generation in Africa analyses the following topics: Conflict Prevention in the Three-Pronged Approach, Who is a Refugee? & Semantics in the field of Refugee Studies.

4) Culture, Development & Promotion of Peace discusses Culture as Development, The Arts as Vehicles of Transformation & The Necessity for raising a Corps of Cultural Activators.

5) The Mass Media in Mediation & the Promotion of Peace comprises The Mass Media Modes and Forms, Mediation & The Culture of Peace.

6) Effective Communication & Listening involves the discussion of Barriers to Effective Communication, The Art of Effective Listening, Tools for Effective Listening & Sustainable Peace-Making.

7) The Psychological Approach to Conflict Management discusses Types of Conflict, Causes of Conflict, Conflict in Nigeria & Communication Skills

8) Code of Conduct for Africa Mediators places emphasis on the following: The Evolution & Characteristics of Mediation, Guidelines & Principles of Mediation, Professional Ethics & The Mediation Process.

9) Practical Negotiation discusses The Bargaining Process, Techniques of Negotiation, The Nexus between Mediation & Negotiation, Winning & Losing in Negotiation.

10) Review of the Ideas & Suggestions of Experts Towards Enhancing Peace Education in Africa included an Overview of Peace Education for West African communities (PEWAC) & The Culture of Peace.

11) International Relations (IRS) & Peace-Building in Africa comprises IRS as an Instrument of Peace-Building & Symbiotic Relations in International Politics.

The book is designed to serve as a reference source-material for facilitating the assignment of mediators, peace-makers and promoters of the culture of peace in contemporary Africa. The bulk of the analysis in the first volume is based on the Nigerian experience. The original plan was to produce subsequent volumes on other African countries, but lack of funds has stalled this tall ambition so far.

ISBN: 978-32964-7-7

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