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I introduce the book I edited in 2010 - THE AFRICAN REFUGEE PHENOMENON. This is a 223-page book with eight chapters:

1) Dimensions of the Refugee Problem. The issues discussed are Tackling the root causes of the Refugee Problem, The Socio-Economic Consequences of Refugee Problems in Africa & A Model for Conflict Resolution in West Africa.

2) Gender & Legal Issues include The Gender Perspective on Wars in Liberia & Sierra-Leone, The  Legal Protection of Refugee Women & An appraisal of the Legal Framework for the Protection of Refugees.

3) Refugees and the Environment dissects issues like Involving the Local Communities in Refugee Work (Case Study of the Ijebu-Oru Refugee Camp in Nigeria) & The Impact of the Environment on Refugees.

4) The Social, Psychological & Cultural Problems include A Case Study of Recreation among Refugees, Depression & Academic Achievement Motivation among Adolescent Refugees, Conselling Refugees & Displaced Persons & The Socio-Cultural Dilemma of Refugeeism in Africa.

5) Humanitarian Relief for Refugees features Perspectives on the Reaction Mechanism/Mission Area Efficiency of Humanitarian Groups & The Role of NGOs in Providing Relief to African Refugees/Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).

6) Refugge Education dissects The Nexus between the African Refugee Phenomenon and the Failure of Education, Business Education for Refugees & The Content/Context of Education for Refugees.

7) The Health of Refugees x-rays Medical Response in the Management of Victims of Disaster and Refugee Emergency Situations. Also discussed are Cost-Effective Ways of Staying Healthy for Refugees: Local Herbs to the Rescue.

8) The last chapter, The Mass Media, Perception of Refugees and General Overview comprises the following: The Role of the Mass Media in Reporting Refugees, The Good Samaritan: A Functional Refugee & Solving the Refugee Problem in Africa.

The last section by me, titled "Solving the Refugee Problem" captures the essence of the book. A snippet seems apt here. Prevention is better than cure. African governments should take cognizance of EARLY WARNING SIGNS of conflict and nip same in the bud before they escalate to full blown wars...

ISBN - 10 -  : 978-8422-12-8/9788422128.
ISBN - 13 -  : 978-978-8422-12-9/9789788422129

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