Friday 21 December 2018


Above photo shows Dr. Dayo Oluyemi-Kusa on the red carpet for the premiere of the film: Sandra's Cross - A film that depicts the negative consequences of Gender Based Violence (GBV), in particular Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)...

On the 19th of December, 2018, YouthhubAfrica TV & Young Men's Network Against Sexual & GBV with support from the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) presented the premiere of the film: Sandra's Cross to the public at Silverbird Cinema, Abuja. I was there live! Sandra Cross 2 is the continuation of Sandra Cross 1. Sandra's Cross is a web series that aims at causing social interaction/engineering that could lead to greater awareness and conversation about GBV and FGM in particular.

Sandra's Cross 2 is centred around 15 year old Hauwa forcibly 'married' to much older Nuhu (probably in his fifties). Nuhu had two other wives before marrying Hauwa. Nuhu and his polygamous family live in the same compound with Dr. Agnes (a female medical doctor) who likes Hauwa and is concerned about the fact that the latter could be married to such an old man, Nuhu. Meanwhile, inspite of the fact that Dr. Agnes is married to a fellow University graduate, her husband is unemployed and he repeatedly uses Agnes's resources to fund 'projects' without due diligence. Agnes's husband's recklessness has completely depleted her bank account. This is a major source of tension in Agnes's marriage.

To be sure, Hauwa had earlier been 'circumcised' as a child (FGM). Hauwa felt very lonely at home with the other 'senior wives' since she wished to continue her schooling instead of being a child bride. Hauwa constantly sneaked into Agnes's apartment to confide in her. On one of these occasions, Hauwa confides in Agnes that her husband, Nuhu, had been having regular sex with her and she was feeling 'weak'. Agnes quickly put Hauwa through a urine pregnancy test which was positive. Further tests showed that because of FGM, Hauwa's birth canal was too narrow to deliver a child naturally. She would need to undergo a cesarean section (operation) to deliver the baby.

Then, one morning Hauwa caught up with Agnes on her way out. It was a bad time to approach Agnes because she was on a mission to re-pay her husband's creditors as a result of the deal engaged in by the the latter which went sour! She could not wait to listen to Hauwa before speeding off in her car. This singular act proved to be fatal because Hauwa was whisked away to another end of town within Lagos - Agege, where she was to be delivered of her baby at home by traditional birth attendants! Hauwa was hidden from Agnes until her expected date of delivery (EDD). Hauwa had a difficult labour for days. When the traditional birth attendants could no longer cope, Hauwa was transferred to a hospital, from where Nuhu called Agnes to intimate her about Hauwa's plight. Agnes immediately swung into action. Hauwa delivered a baby girl but she died in the process!

Hauwa's daughter could suffer the same fate in the name of 'tradition'. There was already some preparation to circumcise the baby. History would repeat itself...This graphic film with excellent actors depicted the deplorable state of the girl child in many parts of Nigeria, especially Northern Nigeria, where child marriage is still a very big issue. A few years ago, a Senator married a 13 year old girl in Nigeria, and absolutely nothing happened to him!

It is important to note the following:

*FGM is still very rampant in Nigeria
*A film like 'Sandra's Cross' is being supported by young male Nigerians. This is some form of advocacy for the eradication of FGM by male champions. This is progress!
*The complicity of older females for the perpetuation of FGM cannot be overlooked. Nuhu's sister was at the forefront of ensuring that late Hauwa's daughter was circumcised.
*Polygamy that could spread sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and HIV/AIDS is widely practiced in Nigeria.
*Child marriage that breeds illiterate child-mothers, leads to vesico vaginal fistula (VVF), maternal mortality, etc is condoned.
*Dr. Agnes's husband eventually became a male champion who went to speak to Nuhu about Hauwa, man-to-man.

On the whole we need more films like 'Sandra's Cross' for more effective advocacy against GBV. Kudos to the male champions who collaborated for the success of this film...

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6th July, 2019

In June 2019, 'Silent Tears', a film about GBV in Nigeria was premiered in Abuja. The wife of the Vice President, Mrs. Osibajo was the special guest of honour. The premiere was sponsored by the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA). An excerpt from the address by Jude Ilo, Head of Nigeria Office, OSIWA is quite instructive. See

"We are all living witnesses to a value system that continues to disrespect, commercialise and subjugate women. We are living witnesses to unprovoked raids on women, labelled prostitutes but without any information or arrest of their patrons...Permit me therefore, on behalf of the menfolk to offer a long overdue apology to women and girls across Nigeria. I apologise for the lack of appreciation and gratitude for the life you gave us by your blood and pain. I apologise for a prevailing culture that undermines the importance and significance of womanhood".

To be sure, in the past few months, many women going about their normal day job have been assaulted by security agencies in Abuja and its environs under the guise of ridding the city of 'prostitutes'. Should women and girls now go around the city in fear?

7th July, 2019

On the 27th of June, the premiere of the film, 'The Prosecutor' was held in Abuja. The film documents the activities of five prosecutors in various parts of the world in their search for the truth as regards GBV. It was an evening when attendees had 'intimate' conversations with Nobel Laureate, Dr. Dennis Mukwege, who has spent the better part of his working life protecting victims of GBV!

Let Dennis speak for himself: 'We need to galvanise political will to ensure that victims of sexual violence are receiving all necessary assistance to recover from their physical and psychological wounds and are economically empowered to start a new life. They should be integrated into the society after their full recovery' - Dennis Mukwege

On the culture of silence as regards GBV, Dennis said: 'Silence is the perfect tool which helps the perpetrators to continue to operate with impunity. Survivors who are breaking the silence are key to ending the cycle of violence' - Dennis Mukwege

It is worthy of note that the three films featured in this post ('Sandra's Cross', 'Silent Tears' & 'The Prosecutor') are aimed at showcasing the level of destruction of societal fabric by the despicable phenomenon of GBV. All hands must be on deck to stem the tide of this negative act...

            Dr. Dayo Oluyemi-Kusa on the red carpet @ the premiere of the film: 'The Prosecutors'


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