Tuesday 15 November 2016


Dr. Richard Wike, Director, Global Attitudes Research, Pew Research Centre, Washington DC presented his findings on 'Public opinion on key issues in Nigeria, South Africa & Kenya'. The presentation was hosted by Centre for Democracy & Development (CDD), in Abuja. I am particularly interested in the findings on Nigeria. The research was conducted in 2015...

The following are the key findings:

*Negative economic ratings surge in Nigeria.
*Nigerians are optimistic about the next 12 months.
*Africans in Nigeria/Kenya/South Africa are optimistic about their long term economic future.
*Africans support involvement in the global economic system.
*Most Nigerians say young people should remain in their home country.
*In Nigeria, poverty is the top domestic concern.
*Nigerians see food supply as top priority for the country.
*Lack of 'connections' seen as major obstacle to employment.
*Nigerian government seen as making progress against BH.
*Nigerians optimistic about making progress on key issues - healthcare/education/poverty/equal rights for men & women/terrorism/corruption in government.
*Nigerians say America & China are the examples of model economies in the world.
*Most Nigerians believe ordinary citizens can influence government.
*Nigerians say government is run for the benefit of a few.
*Political participation in Nigeria relatively high - voting/attendance at political rallies.
*There's a high level of political engagement among African publics.
*In Nigeria, more men report that they are politically active.

Critique of the findings:

The euphoria of the result of the 2015 general elections might have led to the 'artificial optimism' about the future of the country. People have now realised that 'fighting corruption' is not equivalent to engendering a bouyant economy. An incumbent President was defeated by the candidate of the opposition Party and the former conceded. This is unprecedented in Nigeria's history...hence the optimism of Nigerians at the time the research was conducted. If the same research is embarked upon now, the scenario may change, because reality has set in.

*Most young people would rather leave Nigeria now if they had the opportunity because of the state of the economy and the very high level of unemployment.
*Support for involvement in the global economy by Nigerians is no longer as total. Nigerians are still interrogating involvement in the EPA and similar Agreements. Nigerians are more weary than ever before about whatever they perceive as 'unequal partnership'.
*In addition to poverty, terrorism and unemployment should be part of the top domestic concerns.
*Nigerians may no longer be that optimistic about making progress on issues - healthcare/education/poverty etc. The budgetary allocation for many of these critical sectors, especially healthcare and education etc, has been on the downward trend with dire consequences for the poor.
*I am not sure most Nigerians believe they can influence government. Maybe through front line NGOs, but as individuals?...
*Is political participation in Nigeria relatively high? Maybe towards and during the 2015 elections when citizens were fed up with the incumbent regime. The level of political participation in Nigeria is generally low. Citizens are apathetic about politics because they are hungry and believe their votes may not count.
*In the follow-up research by the Pew Research Centre, it may be worthwhile to embark on gender dis-aggregation as regards political participation. This would enable the researchers further interrogate the assertion that 'Nigerian men are more likely to report being politically active'.
*The use of technology in Nigeria - in particular, the introduction of the use of the 'card reader' for the first time in the 2015 elections & the use of 'traditional' and 'new' media need to be interrogated in follow-up research. To be sure, the use of the card reader was innovative. Many feel it helps to forestall rigging in elections, but public opinion on the issue has not been ascertained. Similarly, the introduction of the GSM in 2000 seems to have shaped public opinion. What about the influence of Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snap-chat, blogging, etc. How have all these influenced public opinion? 

I hope Dr. Richard Wike & the Pew Research Centre would find the foregoing critique useful in their future research. The website of Pew Research Centre is www.pewresearch.org

Photo below L-R: Dr. Richard Wike, Director, Global Attitudes Research, Pew Research Centre, Washington DC & Dr. Dayo Oluyemi-Kusa

Wednesday 9 November 2016


On 9th November 2016, at 4am in Nigeria, I was watching the American Presidential election on the big screen, courtesy of the American Embassy at the Yar'Adua centre in Abuja. The mood at the Centre was beginning to change drastically with the 'swing states' voting without apology for the Republican candidate, Donald Trump. We were mostly Nigerians at the viewing centre with some American embassy officials and a few other non-Nigerians.

We all had expected Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate to win. All the odds were against Donald Trump. But when it was announced that Trump had won Ohio, we all knew the deed was done! Trump was coasting home to become the 45th President of America.

How on earth could anyone imagine that a presidential nominee whose views are less than complimentary on women, migration and migrants, Muslims and even taxes, could become the President of the US? How, in 2016 could an individual who says its okay to grope women, build a wall to keep migrants out, ban Muslims and seek to expel especially Nigerians and Mexicans become President of America?

But I am not an American citizen. Americans have made their choice. Donald Trump is it! What lessons can we learn from this electoral upset?

*Never under-rate any candidate in a democratic election. Trump was a 'most unlikely' candidate, but he beat 16 contenders within the Republican Party to clinch the ticket at the Primaries! He had no political experience of note. Compared with Clinton, he was a political novice.

*Lack of experience may not matter. Trump has no experience in politics, compared with his opponent, an accomplished lawyer, former Senator, former First Lady and former Secretary of State in the US. Trump is an Estate Developer, Reality show anchor and astute billionaire businessman.

*Don't build your life on public opinion. Trump lost the Presidential debate twice, yet he won the election. He lost the public opinion to Hillary by double digit margins, yet he won the election. All living former Presidents opposed him, yet he won the election.

*'It is not over till it's over'. This is a cliche in football which played out in the election. Until the very last hours, the Clinton camp was still hopeful. however, at about 4am on the 9th of November, 2016, the tables had turned with the clinching of Ohio and the swing states!

*Charisma matters. Trump is a flamboyant man, who re-enacted his reality show, 'The Apprentice' during the campaign. The voters could have found him more fascinating than the very articulate Hillary, an establishment person!

*Many analysts believe there were some 'secret voters' who would rather not associate with Trump in public, but would do so through their votes. Could the Evangelical voters be some of these? Donald Trump elected President, thanks to 81% Evangelical vote    www.naycrumors.com/articles/breaking-trump-elected-president/

*The statistical predictions very near election day saw the gap between the two candidates closing alarmingly...But it might have been too late for the Democrats to weigh in to halt the closing of the gap and eventual win for Trump.

*In spite of the fact that Hillary was more articulate during the three Presidential debates, Trump's bravado and consistency stood him out. Even if you did not like what Trump was saying, he was in your face! Trump's style must have appealed to 'core' Americans

*For the first time in many decades, many traditional blue states became red states overnight!

*Trump was bold enough to say he evaded taxes because he could. He was clever/brilliant enough to exploit the loopholes in the tax law.

*Trump, at 70 years old, is the oldest President ever elected for the first time in America. He is also probably the first President to be elected without any political experience! He is seemingly in good health, so could spend the maximum of 8 years in the White House.

What then are the implications of Trump's Presidency for America?

*Whither peace-building all over the world? Will America now be in conflict with some African countries, including Nigeria?

*What would be the fate of AGOA? Trump doesn't like trade deals which he thinks are weighed against the US. Under the auspices of AGOA, non-oil exports have reached $4.1b. That's huge!

*African countries, notably Nigeria, have become the theatre of war against insurgency. America has significantly supported Nigeria in the fight against Boko Haram. Will this help continue with Trump as President?

*What would be the fate of thousands of African immigrants in the US? Trump has promised to expel especially Nigerian immigrants. Where does this leave this set of Nigerians, in view of the economic situation in their home country. Remember: $1=N470.

*Are we to expect a 'closed-in' US? Will we see a new era of isolationism in America? At this stage in American history, would isolationism be progress or retrogression? Lest we forget, America was built on the principle of freedom for ALL races, a melting pot for nationalities from the world over.

*I wonder what the stock exchange would look like in America in the next few weeks. To be sure, there is already panic on Wall Street. Wall Street panics over Trump Presidency: Peso plunges, gold surges    money.cnn.com/2016/11/09/investing/premarket-stocks-trading

There so many other puzzles to be un-earthed when the Trump Presidency eventually takes off in January, 2017. On a cautionary note, it is better for America, the leader of the free world, to live in harmony with the rest of humanity.


The 17th of January, 2017, three days to the inauguration of President Donald Trump of the US was dedicated by Centre for Democracy & Development (CDD) to the rather exhaustive discussion of the 'Implications of the Trump Presidency for Nigeria'. CDD partnered with:

*Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA)
*Amplified Radio (AR)
*De Paul University, USA
*American University, Washington, USA
*Trust Africa

The following persons deliberated on various dimensions of the issues:

*Dr. Kole Shettima, Chair CDD-IGC & Africa Director McArthur Foundation
*Ms. Idayat Hassan, Director, CDD
*Prof. Clement Adibe, De Paul University, USA
*Dr. Dayo Oluyemi-Kusa, Senior Fellow, CDD & Chairperson, Board of Directors, National Peace Summit Group (NPSG)
*Dr. Abdu Husseini, Country Director, PLAN International
*Jude Ilo, Country Officer, OSIWA
*Ms. Ayisha Osori, Development Consultant, Nigeria
*Prof Hassan Saliu, University of Ilorin, Nigeria
*Jideofor Adibe, Associate Prof, Nassarawa State University, Nigeria
*Prof. Samuel Egwu, University of Jos, Nigeria
*Dr. Irene Pogoson, University of Ibadan, Nigeria
*Prof Ebere Onwudiwe, Distinguished Fellow, CDD
*Dr. Paul Luberk, Distinguished Fellow, CDD & Emeritus Prof, SIAS, Johns Hopkins University, USA
*Prof. Abubakar Momoh, DG, The Electoral Institute (TEI), Abuja, Nigeria
*Innocent Chukwuma, West Africa Representative, Ford Foundation
*Mrs. Maria Segun, Senior Researcher, Human Rights Watch

There were 4 major themes:

*Re-thinking  democracy
*US-Nigeria relations in perspective
*Economic, ideological & political changes behind the rise of Trump
*The global war on terror: Paradigm shift?

The following are the major highlights of the discussion:

*Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those tried from time to time.
*Politicians campaign in poetry and rule in prose
*Donald Trump's personality
-provokes deliberately.
-shows us our real selves in the mirror
-Trump's here to stay
-gives us the opportunity to confront the underbelly of democracy.
*Trump's strengths:
-manipulation of fear
-puts America first always
-emphasises the fact that the middle class is being un-done by neo-liberalism
-accepts that the system is rigged for people like him. He knows the loopholes in the system, and is ready to plug them
-ready to spend $1trn on infrastructure. This implies that architects, engineers and artisans have jobs.
-immigration - he's ready to close the borders
Trump loves Russia
He doesn't believe in NATO
He wants more Brexit(s)

Lessons from Trump:

*We should always put Nigeria first
*If we don't like Trump's way of talking, let's look inwards. Are we any better in Nigeria?
*Democracy has difficulties anywhere in the world. We should keep on striving to make it better.
*We should stop medical tourism. Our leaders should be treated locally, in Nigeria. We should spend our money locally, and stop squandering scarce foreign exchange.
*Never take the electorate for granted
*Grow Nigeria's economy, create more jobs.
*Nigerians should not be scared of Trump. The USA is a huge democratic/political system.
*Trumpism gives us a lot of opportunity to look inwards to find solution  to our problems.
*Trumpism is a trend, we should see it as such e.g. Brexit, Buhari. Every system gets consumed by its own contradictions. Inequality in neo-liberalism is not sustainable
*Trumpism is a product of a period of recession followed by growth.
*We need to study the relationship between 'Trumpism' & 'Nigerianism' more closely.
*Election is not equal to democracy
*Democracy without governance is undesirable
*Trumpism points to the fact that democracy is in crisis. Citizens are expressing their dis-satisfaction with democracy through their votes.
*The whole idea of democracy being a galvanisation of ideas is now obsolete. Independent candidacy could now fly.
*Democracy must transform from a form of government to that system that puts food on the table of citizens.
*Consequential elections like Trump's engender global commentary.
*Trump is a product of the American system, not necessarily the American people.
*The national interest of any country is what the leaders say it is,

How is Trumpism expressed?

*Extreme nationalism
*Right wing populism
*Social media - a single tweet from Trump could make waves all over the world and change the status quo

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Monday 7 November 2016


It is indeed heartwarming that between the 5th and 6th of November, 2016, the Centre for Democracy & Development (CDD), trained more than 80 clerics from Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states in the art of de-radicalisation. I am a non-resident Senior Fellow of CDD. To be sure, the manner in which Islamic clerics propagate the message of Islam has been a source of worry vis-a-vis the BH insurgency. Many are of the opinion that some types of preaching could be regarded as inciting. It is not enough to note the pattern followed by such preachers. CDD decided to 'do something' to help the situation.

There has been no formal training by a regionally acknowledged organisation like CDD targeted at clerics on the subject of de-radicalisation of their followers. UNDP Nigeria and the Government of Japan sponsored the workshop.  The photo of the source, 'Countering Violent Extremism Training Manual', from which the themes in this post are derived is shown below. Disclaimer: The views expressed in the themes of the training manual are not necessarily mine.

Some relevant links that informed this post are:

*In Borno, CDD trains 80 clerics on de-radicalisation    http://www.newsflash.com.ng/.../in-borno-cdd-trains-80-clerics...
*200 religious clerics sensitised to neutralise BH    https://www.channelstv.com/2016/11/05/200-religious-clerics...
*Discourse of Violent Extremism (VE)    https://t.co/piE4qUF8Hj    http://t.co/RFw48yEs8p
*Deradicalisation, counter-terrorism & migration in northern Nigeria: Residential training of clerics in the use of counter-radical training material    http://t.co/VU4i2Xf7PX

Five major themes (Modules) were identified in the two-day training/workshop as enunciated in the CDD 'Countering Violent Extremism Training Manual'. The Manual was developed for CDD. Some of the highlights in the Manual are enunciated below:

1) Al-Takfir (Ex-communication)
2) Jihad (Holy War)
3) Acceptance of non-Islamic political authority
4) Peaceful co-existence with non-Muslims
5) Women's status in Islam

*Takfir is derived from the Arabic word, Kufur, which literally means infidelity/unbelief/irreligion/rebuff/rejection/ingratitude...Accusing a Muslim of committing an act of kufur is called takfir. Let there be no compulsion in religion (Quar'an 2:256).

Extremists' understanding of takfir is quite broad, covering so many issues and practices that mainstream Muslims do not associate with kufur at all. In fact most Muslims will not accuse any person of kufur, except in the case of a person who expressly renounces his/her Islamic faith. Even in such a case, there are elaborate procedures to follow before the imposition of any sanctions.

*Jihad: Allah does not forbid you to deal justly and kindly with those who do not fight against you on account of religion and do not send you out of their homes. Verily, Allah loves those who deal with equity (Quar'an 60:8)

*Acceptance of non-Islamic political authority: Islam is understood as a complex way of life, covering not only religious beliefs & practices, but also regulating political affairs, social relations, economic activities, cultural identity and norms. Adherents of Islam are considered as a single global community, called the umma, which should be governed by its political institutions and in accordance with the Sharia.

*The status of women in Islam: In general, Islam affirms the humanity of both men and womencreated by the same God for the same purpose. Islam enjoins both men and women on equal footing. The two sexes have the same freedoms and rights before Allah (Quar'an 49:3)

*Peaceful relations with non-Muslims: Islam is understood as a complete way of life, covering not only religious beliefs and practices, but also regulating political affairs, social relations, economic activities, cultural identity and norms. Muslims are considered a single global community, called the umma. The umma should be governed by its political institutions and in accordance with the Sharia.

The training was much more elaborate than I have presented above. There are more details in the CDD Training Manual that informed this post. At the end of the workshop, most of the trainees said they had learnt so much, and would put their newly acquired knowledge to use anytime they preach. It was suggested that the training should be continuous with the aim of ensuring the use of  'moderate' language by preachers, which could eventually translate into the de-radicalisation of their followers.


I suggest the reader digests this blog post pari passu an earlier one: 'Towards an effective strategy on counter insurgency in Nigeria'    http://www.dayokusa.blogspot.com.ng/2014/03/towards-effective-strategy-on-counter.html

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*Countering BH ideology   nextierspd.com/countering-boko-haram-ideology
*The ideology to uproot the basis for terrorism, that's creating the world-wide basis for war    https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/moral-evolution-through-uniting-science-faith-literature-ajay-singh-1c/?



On the 31st of October, 2016 at Sheraton Hotel, Abuja, I was part of the public dissemination of the research on 15 years of Sharia implementation in northern Nigeria. The research was conducted for the Nigeria Stability & Reconciliation Programme (NSRP) by the Development Research & Projects Centre (dRPC), Kano and Nigeria Research Network (NRN).

5 Policy briefs were x-rayed at the meeting:

*The Sharia Courts
*The case of Hisbah
*Zakat & Waqf institutions
*Impact on women
*The role of Ulama

Some of the participants at the meeting are:

*Barr (Mrs) Maryam Uwais, Special Assistant to the President on Social Protection
*Dr. Ukoha Ukiwo, Programme Manager, NSRP
*Dr. Dayo Oluyemi-Kusa, Conflict Transformation Expert & Chairperson, Board of Directors, National Peace Summit Group (NPSG)
*Dr. Yahaya Hashim, DRPC
*Prof. Abdul Raufu Mustapha
*Dr. Garba Ahmed
*Dr. Usman Bugaje
*Prof. Mohammed Tabiu

The following are some of the issues around which the discussion was centred:

-It is important to protect non-Muslims in Sharia states.
-Sharia courts should be 'aligned' with Customary courts.
-Islamic personal law vs Sharia law
-Should Islamic criminal law be re-introduced?
-Lawyers should be accommodated in Sharia courts
-Women constitute at least 70% of complainants in Sharia courts
-Sharia courts are viewed as user friendly institutions because they facilitate speedy disposal of cases
-More women should be employed in Sharia courts
-Women should be empowered to bear the cost of litigation
-Judges & staff of Sharia courts need more training in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
-The activities of 'Diladelai'-fake court facilitators, should be curbed
-'Silhu', Mediation services should be strengthened in Sharia courts
-Women should be more involved in the distribution of Zakat
-Sharia courts should be better funded
-In each of the Sharia states, no Hisbah organisation is the same as the other. Each one is unique
-Hisbah is to protect and provide social services for the poor
-Most people want Hisbah retained
-The purpose of Zakat is that for everything that belongs to the rich, a portion belongs to the poor. Zakat is a method of re-distributing wealth. There should be transparency in the distribution of Zakat.

On the whole, the following issues were outstanding. There should be further training in ADR for lawyers and judges in Sharia courts. Women should be more involved in the administration of Sharia courts and the distribution of Zakat. At the meeting, I suggested that every five years, a similar research, followed by a dissemination workshop should be held in order to determine how far the recommendations have been implemented...

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Saturday 29 October 2016


It was two days (25th-26th October, 2016) of extensive networking and expansion of knowledge at the European Union - International Republican Institute (EU-IRI) workshop on modalities for strengthening the participation of women and youth in politics. The various aspects of the subject matter discussed are as follows:

*Barriers to participation
*The role of lobbying & advocacy
*Role of Constitutional amendment
*Fund-raising and political mentoring
*Commitment of Political Parties/Leaders/Influencers
*Social justice & participation

Some of the participants are:

*Sentell Barnes - IRI Country Director
*Pauline Torehall - EU Minister Counsellor, Head of Politics, Press & Information section
*Nathalie Ebead - International IDEA, Stockholm, Sweden
*Audra Degesys Lykos - Democracy & Governance Officer, USAID
*Kurt Cornelis - Head of Cooperation, EU Delegation to Nigeria & ECOWAS
*Olufunke Baruwa - CEO, Nigeria Women Trust Fund (NWTF)
*Dr. Dayo Oluyemi-Kusa - Chairperson, Board of Directors, National Peace Summit Group (NPSG)
*Hon. (Barr) Mulikat Adeola-Akande - Fmr. Majority Leader, Federal House of Representatives
*Barr. Ebere Ifendu - President, Women in Politics Forum (WIPF)
*Barr. Ismael Ahmed - APC Youth Forum
*Uju Ogoko - PDP e-Women
*Hon (Amb) Nkoyo Toyo - Lead Special Adviser to Cross River state Governor on SDGs
*Iyom Josephine Anenih - Fmr. Minister, Women Affairs & Founder Women Foundation of Nigeria (WFN)
*Erelu Bisi Adeleye-Fayemi - Former First Lady, Ekiti state/Gender & Development specialist

Some of the recommendations are as follows:

*It is not enough to participate, it is more important to engage the process of politics.
*Mentoring should be a two-way street. There could also be reverse mentoring of the older party members by the younger ones.
*Religion should not be used as a weapon against participation.
*Youth & women can succeed at political participation if they do the following:
-Do a SWOT analysis of yourself.
-Understand your potential terrain & articulate why you are running for office.
-Build social & political capital
-Always have a plan B just in case you lose election.
-Political use of networks & movements (e.g. women/youth wings of Political Parties.
-Make political demands (e.g. maternal mortality, VAW, etc)
-Have your own leadership agenda, which will determine the legacy you leave behind.
-Self care - Undergo comprehensive physical examination yearly
-Document experiences.

-Do not mix business with pleasure
-Do not burn bridges.
-Do not borrow money to participate in politics.
-Be security concious always. Don't live your life on social media.
-Don't join in activities that are inimical to your Party.
-Don't patronise spiritual merchants.

On the whole, it appears the strategies are inexhaustible in a two-day seminar. I only hope this instructive seminar would usher in an era of effective engagement of women and youth in Nigerian politics.

30th October, 2016

*Meet Adeleye-Fayemi, one of the top 100 people in the world in advancing women & girls' rights  #Nigeria #AfricaPride    https://t.co/yCqfYFAkOQ
*My view: Let's talk about Hillary Clinton from a legal, constitutional standpoint by Paul Van Dan    www.desertnews.com/article/.../my-view-lets-talk-about-hillary
*How to govern like a feminist    http://www.elle.com/culture/career-politics/a40098/how-to...
*British PM, Theresa May has a style mantra    http://www.popsugar.com/fashion/british/prime-minister...
*I'd like to address this absurd 'Hillary Clinton is the lesser of two evils' nonsense    http://www.forwardprogressives.com/id-like-address-absurd...
*From Pakistan to Argentina: These 59 countries had a woman leader before the US    time.com/4557050/woman-leaders-world-election-hillary-clinton/
'This team has so uch to be proud about. Whatever happens tonight, thank you for everything    https://t.co/x13iWOzlLL
*Women & political representation    http://www.genderhub.org/.../women-and-political-representation/
*Challenges to women's participation in politics    http://www.genderhub/.../challenges-to-women-active-participation...


Monday 24 October 2016


On the 20th of October, 2016, a new Oba of Benin kingdom, Ewuare II was crowned. The ceremony was  indeed a display of Benin tradition at its best. However, two items on the menu for the coronation caught my fancy because of their value in the field of conflict resolution.

The first is the fact that though the coronation ceremony was labelled the 39th in the programme, the Oba, in his speech corrected this. Oba Ewuare II said he was indeed the 40th Oba of Benin in view of the fact Oba Oranmiyan from Ile-Ife was the first Oba of Benin. Therefore 39 + 1 = 40.

Tracing the ancestry of Binis to Ile-Ife reinforces the fact that conflict in un-necessary, between and among brothers and sisters. The more lineages we can trace across and within the Niger throughout Nigeria/Africa, would make us realise we are all one!

The second, and more spectacular was the Special Durbar, courtesy of the Sultan of Sokoto to mark the Oba of Benin's coronation. The Sultan facilitated the transportation of 300 horses from Sokoto to Benin for the Durbar! This was the very first Durbar outside northern Nigeria since FESTAC 77! This was a 'formidable handshake across the Niger' which portends greater friendship and collaboration between the Sokoto and Benin kingdoms.

I advocate the continuation of similar show of solidarity across the Niger. This would facilitate conflict prevention, management and resolution efforts in Nigeria and Africa...

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Wednesday 24 August 2016


The US Secretary of State, John Kerry was in Nigeria between the 22nd and 23rd of August, 2016 to discuss with President Muhammadu Buhari, the Sultan of Sokoto - Mohammadu Sa'ad Abubakar, the five northern Governors and other stakeholders. This was Kerry's third visit to Nigeria in less than two years! The discussion had two major prongs - Nigeria's fight against violent extremism (VE) and corruption.

Kerry commended Nigeria's spirited fight against corruption while noting that the world loses $2.6tr annually to corrupt practices. On VE, Kerry said 'BH boasts of no agenda more than to burn schools. They kill and maim people, especially teachers, and it's the opposite of any religion. The US is deeply committed to working with Nigeria to build counter-terrorism (CT) capacity. The US has worked out CT capacity for global application'.

He commended the Sultan of Sokoto for his relentless effort at entrenching peace and unity in Nigeria and beyond. He lauded the plan of the Sultanate Council to establish an all-women university, saying that girls, women, children and other vulnerable groups must be educated, given job and opportunities to explore their potential.

Kerry however warned against 'military crackdowns' in Nigeria and congratulated the country on its recent military success against BH. He warned that Nigeria would 'face a blow-back' if it cracks down on the Islamists with 'excessive force'. He praised Nigeria for reclaiming swaths of territory from BH and releasing thousands of hostages over the past one year. He emphasised respect for human rights in the fight against terrorism

According to Kerry, VE cannot be defeated through repression or fear. ' Fear instilled through through repression invites not confidence, but contempt. It creates terrorists'. He appealed to Nigerians to 'practice equality and tolerance in order to overcome deep-seated ethnic and religious divisions'. In its quest to create a fundamentalist Islamic state, BH has killed more than 20,000 people and displaced 2.6 million from their homes. With homes and businesses destroyed and farmland devastated, the UN has warned that some 50,000 children could starve to death this year in Borno state alone if nothing is done.

Earlier in August 2016, the US government pledged $37m in aid for victims of BH as fears of famine mounted in the ravaged Lake Chad region. What do I make of all these?

It is good for foreign countries to come and make 'donations and logistic support' towards Nigeria's fight against VE. But we should always remember that VE is a Nigerian issue first of all, though extremism has international dimensions. In this regard, I wish to commend the Federal Government's revised National Counter Terrorism Strategy (NCTS) launched yesterday. The first NCTS was launched in 2014. Nigeria needs to continue to sharpen the strategy and keep improving on field operations in the delicate and unconventional war against VE.

We need home grown strategies more than ever before, while taking cognisance of advice, technical and material support from interested parties like the US.

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Friday 22 July 2016


                                         Dr. Dayo Oluyemi-Kusa @ the Parley on BREXIT

The Centre for Democracy & Development (CDD), in collaboration with Africa Vision 525 Initiative held a round-table discussion on 'The Implications of BREXIT for Africa' on the 21st of July, 2016 at Barcelona Hotel, Abuja. I am a non resident Senior Fellow of CDD. Present at the occasion were policy makers, academics, students, diplomats, etc.

Some of the members of the panel are: Prof. Jibrin Ibrahim, Prof. Okello Oculi and Amb. Jadu Ilyasu. The major highlights of the submissions from the panelists and participants are as follows:

*It doesn't matter how long a country has been in a regional or international organisation, she can stop, reflect on, and indeed hold a referendum which could result in her pulling out of the organisation. This is exactly what the UK did, whether the outcome was expected or not. For us in Africa, especially Nigeria, we may begin to re-examine our membership of the AU, ECOWAS, the UN, etc. It is important to start from the inner concentric circle, ECOWAS, where the Article on the free movement of persons and goods is suspected to be hampering the fight against terrorism and rural banditry in Nigeria.

*Brexit shows that the issue of sovereignty is a weighty one, and every nation state would like to retain her sovereignty, especially when a critical mass of the population feels that their aspirations are not being favoured within a regional organisation.

*Some participants believe that Brexit may end up being only on paper, since the negotiation period for the UK to exit the EU has been extended from two years to five years and maybe seven years. This is seen as a ploy to delay the exit process while the aging generation in favour of Brexit dies off!

*Whether Brexit happens in reality eventually or not, Africa, and indeed Nigeria, needs to watch the process keenly.

*It is a blessing in disguise that Nigeria has not signed the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) which many other Africa countries have been bamboozled to sign. With Brexit, Nigeria may now be able to sign preferential trade agreements (PTAs) with the UK, and indeed the EU, directly, and separately.

*Cyprus and Malta may remain the only Commonwealth countries in the EU with the exit of the UK. Who would speak on behalf of Nigeria in the EU? These two countries cannot muster the 'weight' of the UK as regards influence.

*If Scotland leaves the UK, as she's threatening to, then we may only have Great Britain left.

*The UK may adopt a low, or indeed zero tariff on imports in the wake of Brexit in order to undermine EU member countries.

*Brexit is likely to have minimal effect on trade relations between Nigeria and the UK. However, Kenya and South Africa economies may be affected more by Brexit because of their volume of trade with the UK.

*Should Nigeria, and indeed Africa be worried about Brexit? NO! This is because the impact would be minimal, but we need to keep monitoring events as they unfold...

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