Friday 13 December 2013


Earlier today, I was quite delighted to welcome into my home in Abuja, the team of interviewers led by Ms. Michelle Okere, a lawyer and ADR enthusiast. I fielded questions on the distinction between Arbitration and Mediation, the state of the practice of ADR in Nigeria, why Mediation is more widely used, the circumstances where a Mediation Agreement could be tendered in court, my work as a trainer in workplace conflict transformation, etc.

The interview, though short, was all-encompassing. Her program is sponsored by the Lagos Court of Arbitration (LCA) on radio - Smooth 98.1 FM Lagos. The program, CITY LEGAL, has been on for the last 13 weeks, and her interview with me comes up on Thursday, December 19, at 5.30pm.

For listeners outside Nigeria, the following link is useful -  OR Google Smooth FM Lagos and click on the listen online tab. Check out on linkedin@  OR Twitter at  OR Feedback to

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