Saturday 26 March 2016


I, (Dr. Dayo Oluyemi-Kusa) am a Political Scientist and former Head of Department of Political Science, Lagos State University (LASU), Nigeria. That is why I am particularly delighted about the seeming resuscitation of the Nigeria Political Science Association (NPSA), which has remained comatose for many years!The annual Prof. Billy Dudley lecture is the blue chip event that characterises the 'new' NPSA. The lecture was held on 17th March, 2016. The 2016 lecture was delivered by Prof. Sam Oyovbaire. But the focus of my comment is not the lecture itself, but the closing remark by Prof. Ibrahim Gambari, who asserted that:

The survival of democracy in Nigeria owes much to civil society, trade unions, the mass media (including the 'new' media) and the rise of a consciousness of citizenship among Nigerians.

In his x-ray of the event, Prof. Jibrin Ibrahim, a fellow political scientist (both of us are also Senior Fellows of the Centre for Democracy & Development - CDD, Abuja) said:

Those who have subverted democracy and elections over the decades in Nigeria are not the technicians of political science, but certain widely known individuals who have perfected the knowledge of social anthropology, of rigging and the techniques of electoral fraud (

Profs. Gambari and Ibrahim tend to agree that democracy survives inspite of and NOT because of political science and indeed political scientists. I add my voice to theirs. I am hopeful that with the new determination to make NPSA vibrant, we would see more system-relevant political science taught in our Universities, which could translate to political scientists taking their rightful place in the discourse and practice of democracy in Nigeria.

Maybe we need to set up a curriculum review committee for the study and teaching of political science in our Universities via the NPSA in collaboration with the National Universities Commission (NUC). If the tempo is sustained, could NPSA be the viable mouthpiece for political scientists in Nigeria the way the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA) is for lawyers? Could political scientists once again have a 'strong voice' in the polity? Will I see a situation where democracy survives because of political science and political scientists and NOT inspite of them in my lifetime?

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