Saturday 16 June 2018


Between the 4th and 6th of June, 2018, The New Partnership for Africa - NEPAD Nigeria held two crucial meetings 'back-to-back' in Abuja. On the 4th of June, there was a high level continental consultative meeting on anti-corruption. Between the 5th and 6th, there was another intensive workshop on non-violence in elections.

       Photo above L-R: Dr. Dayo Oluyemi-Kusa & Princess Gloria Akobundu (CEO NEPAD)

The following were present:

*Princess Gloria Akobundu, National Coordinator/CEO NEPAD/APRM Nigeria
*Ibrahim Magu, Chairman, Economic & Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC
*Boss Mustapha, Secretary to the Government of the Federation, SGF, represented by Gabriel Ajoda, Permanent Secretary, Political Affairs, OSGF
*Prof. Eddy Maloka, CEO, APRM Continental Secretatriat, South Africa, represented by Mary Agbebaku-Izobo
*Prof. Bolaji Owasanoye, Executive Secretary, Presidential Advisory Committee on Anti-Corruption, PACAC
*Prof. Ibrahim Gambari, Chair/Founder, Savannah Centre for Diplomacy, Democracy & Development, SCDDD
*Ibrahim Idris Kpotum, Inspector-General of Police, represented by Commissioner of Police, FCT, Agyole Abey
*Prof. Al-Amin Abu Manga, Member, Panel of Eminent Persons, AU APRM Process
*Dr. Dayo Oluyemi-Kusa, Independent Consulant/Conflict Transformation Expert, Abuja
*Dr. Saad Umar Idris, Ag. DG, The Electoral Institute,TEI, represented by Tunde Ojedokun
*Barr. Ebere Ifendu, President, Women In Politics Forum, WIPF
*Jude Iheoma, representative, EU
*National Chairman, PDD, represented by Deputy National Chairman, Yemi Akiwumi
*Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, represented by former DG, National Sports Commission, Al Hassan Yakut
*Desmond Osemherijie, representative UN Women
*Lynda Obenwa, National Woman Leader, APC

Some of the recommendations were:

*A prominent member of the opposition Party should be made the anti-corruption czar in African countries.
*Politics should be made less attractive so that it does not remain a 'do or die affair'.
*Non-corrupt officials should be publicly rewarded.
*There should be national orientation on anti-corruption and non-violence in elections.
*The family and the school have key roles to play in the anti-corruption and non-violence in elections crusade.
*Courses in anti-corruption and non-violence in elections should be embedded in the curriculum at the primary and secondary school levels.
*Employers should pay employees a living wage.
*The youth, women, people living with disability (PLWDs) and other vulnerable groups should be included in the anti-corruption and non-violence in election crusade.
*More poverty alleviation windows should be created.
*The judiciary should be independent.
*Special courts should be set up to fight corruption.
*Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)/Traditional methods of conflict resolution should be exhausted before resorting to litigation.
*Technology should be used for monitoring and apprehending perpetrators of corruption and non-violence in elections.
*The process of recruitment into the political class should be interrogated.
*There should be content-driven and inclusive voter education.

A bigger conference on the same themes, which would attract Heads of State and Governments in Africa and beyond is slated for August 2018. NEPAD Nigeria's CEO, Princess Gloria Akobundu has said that National and Continental action Plans (NAP and CAP) would be the follow-up for the meetings.

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